Disco Pockets was an independent summer project with close friend Bechara Maalouf. The project, lasting from April 2018 until August 2018, put our design, marketing and craftsmanship skills to the test. The project stemmed from an idea left over from one of Bechara’s second year studio projects where he made a pocket out of scrap material and applied it onto a low priced t-shirt. Inspired by the ‘box logo tee,’ the shirts were initially intended for concert and festival goers, offering a quick and convenient spot for items you just can’t lose.

From there, Bechara and I teamed up in hopes to build off of one another’s skill sets. From teaching each other how to sew and create color/pattern concoctions, to playing with photography and branding for social media marketing—we truly built a small company from scratch. Handling every aspect of the business on our own, from production, to marketing, to distribution, while using Instagram as our marketplace, Bechara and I sold almost every shirt we produced.


To expand our market, I developed a line of crop top Disco Pockets. Each shirt was cropped to two thirds the length of a standard shirt, with a hemline that contrasted the tee shirt color and complimented the pocket.


Bechara Maalouf, 2018.

Chase Bowie, 2018.